Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability

Federal Social Security law allows workers who will be disabled for any reason for at least one year to receive disability benefits regardless of the cause of the disability.  Benefits are payable to disabled workers as well as their dependents. 

However, the test of disability can be very difficult to meet.  Generally, it is not enough that the worker be unable to perform his or her past work.  The law requires the worker to be disabled from all substantial work activity in view of his or her disabilities considering the worker's age, education, and past work experience. 

The Social Security system for deciding these cases is extremely challenging.  The Social Security laws and regulations cover over 1,000 pages of administrative red-tape that any claimant must navigate to secure the benefits that they deserve.  Proper procedures must be followed and proper documentation of the worker's disabilities must be provided.  At Carey, Kirk & Kihm, we have successfully handled literally hundreds of Social Security disability claims for deserving southwest Michigan workers.  We offer a FREE initial consultation regarding claims for Social Security disability benefits. 

Attorney fees are contingent, meaning there is no fee unless we obtain benefits for you.  Normally the fee is one-fourth (25%) of the overdue monthly benefits.  Future benefits belong entirely to the disabled wage earner or his/her dependents. 

The time to retain an attorney is BEFORE your case goes before the Social Security Administration.  You can easily lose benefits you would have been entitled to receive if you wait to consult an attorney until Social Security has made a decision in your case. 

No responsible attorney can guarantee a favorable result.  Our law firm has a very high success rate in representing claimants in Social Security Disability matters.  We utilize our knowledge of complex Social Security law, knowledge of various medical conditions, and our extensive knowledge of the administrative system while preparing your claim.  As a result of our efforts, the clients we represent receive over a million dollars in Social Security Disability arrearages every year.  Collectively our clients receive millions and millions of dollars per year in monthly benefits. 

Local attorneys that know the judges at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review and their individual nuances are best positioned to be your advocate at your disability hearing.  The rules and regulations governing the social security claims process are uniform, but the individual judges and how they handle their hearings are very much nuanced.  An attorney that is local, like the attorneys at our office, is most likely to have been in front of the judge assigned to your case.  This makes a tremendous difference in how the attorney prepares your evidence and prepares you for your hearing.

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