Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation

Michigan workers' compensation law protects workers who are injured in connection with their work.  The law provides money for lost wages, all reasonable and necessary medical expenses, job retraining and more.  If you are off work (or have unpaid medical bills) due to work related injuries, please contact us for a free consultation concerning your workers' compensation rights at 800-252-4666 or 269-343-5566. 

Our attorney fees are contingent, which means we only receive a percentage of any benefits we obtain for you.  There is NO attorney fee unless we get you a recovery. 

There is NO charge to contact us and talk to one of our attorneys about your rights.  We specialize in workers' compensation law and are in court nearly every day protecting and enforcing the rights of injured southwest Michigan workers. 

Many people do not realize that workers' compensation covers wear-and tear injuries that accumulate over months or years such as arthritis, back pain and carpel tunnel syndrome, in addition to one-time injuries such as lifting injuries, falls, or other physical or mental trauma.  Under workers' compensation law, the work need not be the sole cause of the injury as long as it aggravates or significantly contributes to the injury. 

Employers and their insurance companies routinely deny valid claims or hire knowledgeable attorneys to defeat claims made by deserving workers.  Even in cases where benefits are paid, often the employer or the insurance company shorts the worker a portion of the benefits he or she is entitled to receive.  Workers' compensation law is complex and even attorneys in other areas routinely refer clients with work-related injuries to us due to our expertise.  We have over 50 years of experience taking on these attorneys.  We know the law, and we know how to protect your rights and obtain the benefits you are entitled to receive. 

Our clients receive millions of dollars every year as a result of our representation on workers' compensation trials, redemptions (settlements), and voluntary payments. 

If your claim is being voluntarily paid by the insurance company, we can assist you in obtaining the maximum settlement for your circumstance.  Negotiations will take into consideration potential offsets (coordination) with past, present and future Social Security Disability Benefits.  This is extremely important as it may have a significant impact on the monthly Social Security benefits that you receive.  If we settle your workers' compensation claim while it is being voluntarily paid, then our fee is reduced to only 10% of the settlement amount.  As part of the service we keep you informed on all negotiations and prepare all the necessary paperwork. 

If your claim is being disputed by the insurance company then we will fight for the best possible resolution of your claim.  Our skilled trial attorneys will advise you and utilize our knowledge of the law, health care providers, and the workers' compensation system in preparing your claim and maximizing its value.

Before you hire just any attorney to assist you with your workers' compensation case, make sure that the attorney or law firm that you hire specializes in workers' compensation, knows the judges in the local hearing site where your claim will be heard, and knows the medicine and the doctors that are ordinarily involved in these types of claims.

If you have any questions at all about the rights Michigan workers' compensation law affords you, please contact us for a FREE initial consultation at 800-252-4666 or 269-343-5566, or click on the Contact Us link above. 

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